Youness Alvandi-Tabrizi

Youness Alvandi-Tabrizi

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Educational Information:

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2013 – ongoing.
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering; Applied Design, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran (2010)
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering; Solid Mechanics, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran (2007)


Youness used to work on mechanical characterization of engineering materials ​through experimental and numerical methods. He has been mostly working on failure mechanisms, fatigue, fracture, fretting and impact. Upon joining  Schwartz group in 2015 as a PhD student of Mechanical Engineering, he started to work on Magneto-Electro-Mechanical modeling of multiferroic magnetoelectric thin-film composites. His main goal is to improve the magnetoelectric coupling by​ interface engineering,​ modeling the strain transfer between ​the ​two phases and resultant magnetoelectric behavior.

 Publications List:

  • – Alvandi-Tabrizi, Y., Whisler, D. A., Kim, H., & Rabiei, A. (2015). High strain rate behavior of composite metal foams. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 631, 248-257. (+)
  • – H-Gangaraj, S. M., Alvandi-Tabrizi, Y., Farrahi, G. H., Majzoobi, G. H., & Ghadbeigi, H. (2011). Finite element analysis of shot-peening effect on fretting fatigue parameters. Tribology International, 44(11), 1583-1588. (+)
  • – Chakherlou, T. N., Alvandi-Tabrizi, Y., & Kiani, A. (2011). On the fatigue behavior of cold expanded fastener holes subjected to bolt tightening. International Journal of Fatigue, 33(6), 800-810. (+)

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