SchwartzGroup consists of a diverse, multi-talented group of scientists dedicated to research in applied superconductivity and emerging functional materials, including magnetic oxides and optical fibers.

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Principal Investigator

Dr. Justin Schwartz
MSE Department Head
Kobe Steel Distinguished Professor

Research Assistant Professors

Dr. Wan Kan Chan

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Weston Straka

Weston Straka

Graduate Students

Alexandria Cruz

Youness Alvandi-Tabrizi

Youness Alvandi-Tabrizi

Eric Vetter

Carolyn Jensen

Carolyn Jensen

Taryn Kittel

Taryn Kittel

Frederico Scurti

Frederico Scurti

Undergraduate Students

John McGarrahan Email:
Thomas Avey Email:
Bethany Rutherford Email:
Kyle Malone Email:


Sam Rogers

Dr. Sam Rogers

Min Fan

Dr. Min Fan

Dr. Sasha Ishmael

Yi-Fang Lee

Dr. Yi-Fang Lee

Yun Zhang

Dr. Yun Zhang

Dr. Golsa Naderi

Liyang Ye

Dr. Liyang Ye

Menghui Li

Dr. Menghui Li